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December 2013

Western Africa

Workshop on ISFM held in Ibadan

More than 30 researchers converged on the Conference Center of IITA Ibadan campus for a 3-day conference tagged: “Supporting soil health  consortia in West Africa: facilitating wider uptake of better adapted Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) practices with visible …

Eastern Africa

Traditional processing of enset

 Langano Mamo, 40 year-old mother of five from Southern Ethiopia demonstrates the rather complicated traditional method of preparing the enset. First she identified a young enset plant two years old and uprooted it. She chopped of the leaves and…

Western Africa

Beneficiaries commend IITA-AGRA training course

Beneficiaries of the AGRA-IITA training course on good laboratory practices and laboratory information management systems have commended the two institutions for building their capacities, saying that the training they received was helping to make them more efficient. During a…

Director General

When open means fun!

These past few weeks have been extremely busy but fun and exciting here at IITA. First of all, we had our Open Day on 16 November. And boy, was that a big shindig! We had almost 5000 thousand guests…