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February 2014

Eastern Africa

N2Africa project launched in Tanzania

The Putting Nitrogen Fixation to Work in Africa (N2Africa) project which aims at encouraging smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to grow legumes due to their ability to fix nitrogen from the air into the soils thus improving soil fertility,…

Western Africa

COMPRO-II project team meets to plot for year 3

  The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of COMPRO-II, an IITA-led project that assesses the quality and effectiveness of commercial products in the marketplace that claim to increase crop yields, held its  Planning Meeting on 21–23 January at the Golden…

Western Africa

Agricultural transformation in Africa now in sight

  Ghanaian Consul-General Alhaji Abdulai Abukari, who paid a courtesy visit to IITA, says research outputs and innovations at the Institute are signs that agricultural transformation in Africa is no longer a distant reality. Since 1967, IITA has been…

Western Africa

New project on Cassava Weeds Management launched this week

  IITA and partners this week launched a new multi-year project assessing sustainable weed management technologies for cassava-based farming systems in Nigeria in Ibadan. The project is seeking to find solutions to the labor-intensive weeding usually performed by women…