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May 2014

Eastern Africa

Ask an Expert: Mary Maganga

Nematodes are microscopic  worm-like pests found in the soils. They attack the roots and prevent the efficient uptake of nutrients by plant. They drastically reduce yield and in severe cases, cause the whole plants to fall over. Nematodes are…

Eastern Africa

Simple Innovations Revolutionize Farming in Zanzibar

Vegetables are high value and nutritious crops. However they are attacked by a wide range of pests and diseases. IITA is working with small-holder farmers to find sustainable ways to control these pests and diseases to increase vegetable production,…

Director General

2013 was IITA’s year in many ways

The year 2013 was another vibrant and fulfilling year for IITA. We continued to work towards meeting our objectives and commitments, overcoming many challenges along the way, and making gains in new, exciting areas. During the year, we completed…