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June 2014

Western Africa

Thinking agribusiness along the value chains

Integrating agribusiness along the value chains could facilitate the adoption of innovations among small-scale farmers and in turn help improve their livelihoods, says Dr Gbassey Tarawali, Representative of the Director General & Deputy Director General (Partnerships & Capacity Development)…

Western Africa

Farmers satisfied with IITA-ISMA technologies — study

A perception study on improved technologies being promoted by the Integrated Striga Management in Africa (ISMA) project shows that farmers in targeted communities where the project is being implemented are satisfied with the performance of the technologies. Many have…

Western Africa

Capital base of IITA CICS climbs to $1.94 million

The Staff Cooperative Investment and Credit Society (CICS) Limited of the institute which was formed on 1 February  2004 to create wealth and empower its members marked its 10th year anniversary and also had its Annual General Meeting on…

Western Africa

IITA Central Africa launches new research facility

IITA and partners launched a research center in Kalambo, Bukavu, South Kivu province in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) yesterday (5 June 2014) that would deal with emerging challenges in the agricultural sector. The DRC Minister of Agriculture…