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Promoting access to high-quality seeds through local seed companies: AID-I GLR partnerships

In our ongoing efforts to nurture and sustain seed systems in the Great Lakes region, AID-I GLR supports and closely collaborates with local seed companies. Our goal is to ensure easy availability of certified seeds, stimulate demand among smallholder farmers, and enhance accessibility. We foster engagement between seed companies and agro-dealers, to ease farmer access to quality seeds.

Rwanda: I&J Harvest Company continues to grow from strength to strength

Meet Emma Uwera, CEO, I&J Harvest Seed Company in Rwanda, and an exemplary partner in this endeavor.

With AID-I GLR support, her company has – for the first time – introduced small seed packs (ranging from 100 grams to one kilo) for common crops such as beans, maize, and potatoes. This range assures accessibility for farmers of all economic backgrounds.

Emma’s company has established demonstration plots in various locations and organizes farmer field days for farmers to learn how to cultivate healthy crops and best agronomic practices. In addition, she provides small packs of seeds to farmers so they can test what they have learned in their own fields. This hands-on approach allows farmers to apply the techniques acquired during the farmer field days on their own land, thereby increasing household yield and enhancing food security.

Thanks to AID-I GLR, Emma has expanded her horizons to new districts which will enhance the availability of high-quality seed across the country. See and hear it in her own words below.

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