Eastern Africa

Traditional processing of enset

 Langano Mamo, 40 year-old mother of five from Southern Ethiopia demonstrates the rather complicated traditional method of preparing the enset. First she identified a young enset plant two years old and uprooted it. She chopped of the leaves and spread them on the ground then extracted the pseudostems. Next she washed her feet and sat down on a small stool, placed a wooden plank across a stone and placed a stem on it. Then using a large knife she extracted the pulp from the succulent palp and the fibre.

The extracts she explained will be separated into two food products. The fine flour-like extract from the water in the stem is the first class product. It will be fermented for five days and used to make Bulla. The other denser substance which also has fibre will be buried in the ground and fermented for thirty days before being used to make other products such as ‘Omolcho’, a type of snack made for breakfast.

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