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How far have we reached in the past two years through BXW App and 845 service?

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The project conducted an impact survey for the past 2 years. The total number of respondents was 200 (150 Farmers and 50 Farmer Promoters).

Results show that 85% of respondents increased knowledge on banana production, BXW control, and agronomic guidelines. Furthermore, Up to 76% confirmed that the BXW App helped to reduce BXW incidence in their fields. An increase in banana production was also reported by 4 out of every 5 farmers who accessed the BXW agronomic guidelines.

845 service

The 8-4-5 Service is a toll-free, automated hotline that was created in partnership with MTN Rwanda. It delivers information on a wide range of development topics in Kinyarwanda on even the simplest of phones in Rwanda, using interactive voice response (IVR) and USSD. Each month, eight calls are available free of charge on IVR and unlimited free interactions on USSD (*845#). It is an on-demand service, which means that callers can dial 845 at their convenience. Once they call, a series of ‘listen and choose’ steps identify the information they need – for example: «Welcome to the 8-4-5 Service. For legal aid press 1, for health press 2. For Agriculture press 3.» As of the month of April, more than 50,000 farmers across the country have accessed information through the 845 service as shown the below graphs generated from the system’s dashboard.


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