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January 2014

Central Africa

DG meets staff of IITA Kalambo, Bukavu, DR Congo

  During his official tour in DR Congo, the IITA Director General, Nteranya Sanginga, met with all the staff and students of the Kalambo Station on 9 January 2014.  He was accompanied by Bernard Vanlauwe, the Director for the…

Western Africa

Giant strides in IITA plantain breeding for West Africa

  IITA has made significant progress in its plantain research in West Africa with the generation of seedlings from crosses with in vitro induced tetraploids from diploids―a first for the Institute. The IITA Regional Banana Breeding Manager, Delphine Amah,…

Western Africa

Milestones from the field

  The IYA cultivated 4 ha of cassava, 4 ha of maize, 3 ha of soybean and 2 ha of plantain, all within IITA campus in 2013. The group also extended its farm activities outside IITA campus to Ogbomosho…

Western Africa

Averting a “time bomb” – The IITA Example

  “They are an opportunity if we convert their energies (the youth) to agricultural development but they could be a ‘time bomb’ if we fail to do so,” President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Dr Kanayo…

Western Africa

IYA at Canadian High Commission-organized roundtable

  Members of the IYA participated in a roundtable discussion organized by the Canadian High Commission in Nigeria on 25 November 2013. Eight young female entrepreneurs were present for the roundtable discussion which was focused on young female entrepreneurship.…